About Me

Hi! My name is Fay. Currently I live in Surabaya, Indonesia, and work as an online freelancer. I also do some Fiverr gigs and make mini-sites for my online business.

I make this site as both my profile page and portfolio showcase. You are also welcomed to take a peek at my Flickr, which contains some of my design works.

What I Make:
* Website / Blog – WordPress CMS
* e-Book Cover
* Blog / WordPress Header and Background
* Clickable / Fixed Banner
* Youtube Background and Header/Banner
* Twitter Background
* Name Cards
* Bookmarks
* Notebook / Desktop Wallpaper
* Facebook Fan Page
* Facebook profile pic and cover image design

I love blogging, browsing on the internet, reading, writing, designing, singing, and hangin’ out with friends 🙂

Be my friend at Facebook 🙂 You can contact / send your message there and if you need to personally contact me, I will give you my email address there 🙂

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