Closing My Gigs for End-Year Holiday

Hi, by this post I want to inform that I will be closing my gigs from 15-22 December 2012 and then 26-31 December 2012 for end-year holiday. Will need time off to have fun and enjoy the moment with my family and friends 🙂

Between the 2 timeframe I only open my gigs for 4 days. And finally I will open my gigs back again on 2 January 2013 🙂

If you have some designs that need to be finished before those dates, please submit your order soon 🙂

The list of design gigs I offer is available at


Closing from 11 – 20 October 2012

Hi, I wrote this post to announce that I will be closing my Fiverr gigs from 11 to 20 October 2012 due to my leave overseas. I have to accompany my mom to check on her legs post-operation few months ago. Hopefully this will be the last check up.

With that said, I will be out of reach for 10 days as I don’t bring my laptop and also can’t connect to internet as I will use a temporary sim-card on my phone for SMS and making important calls only. I will full time assisting my mom and a friend of my mom who will also doing a health check up there.

So please don’t panic if you don’t get my reply during the dates, I will respond to your message either on Fiverr or my email as soon after I get back home.

If you have urgent design you need to finished, please submit them all before 10 October so there will be enough time for me to work on them and also work on revision if necessary, before my departure 🙂

Thank you for your understanding,

Closing from 9-17 September 2012

Hi, just want to post quick announcement. I will be closing my Fiverr gigs for a week, from 9 – 17 September 2012 (my time is GMT+7) due to family business. My gigs will be available to be ordered again on 18 September.

So if you have an urgent design that you want to finish a.s.a.p, please submit them soon so I will be able to complete them before I close my gigs 🙂

Thanks you for your understanding,

Close My Gigs from 13 – 25 August 2012

Hi, with this blog post I would like to announce that I will close my gigs from 13 to 25 August 2012 due to Idul Fitri / Lebaran holiday in Indonesia. Actually this is not affecting me personally. But I have no choice other than closing my Fiverr gigs temporarily because I have to go home to help my parents with their shop.

Fyi, every Lebaran holiday, my parent’s shop helpers / maids always go home to their village and celebrate Lebaran for about a week. So I have to come home and help selling at the shop 🙂

I will reopen all my gigs back on 26 August 2012. So if you have some designs that you want me to make, please submit them before 13 August (the sooner the better) so I still have time to work on your orders 🙂

PS: I won’t be able to handle a lot of orders (which is the reason why I temporarily close my gigs at Fiverr), but I can work on several orders. You can contact me directly if you want to place an order by email to callmefay(at) and I will be in touch 🙂

Thanks for your understanding,

Close My Gigs from 19 – 30 June

Hi all, this month I will close my Fiverr gigs again from 19 – 30 June as I accompany my mom again to go to her doctor abroad. Last month she had gone through an operation and this time her doctor want to check her condition. So I will not be able to get online and replying messages during that period.

I got back 30 June so I will reopen my Fiverr gigs back on 1 July or 2 July. So if you have an urgent design project that you need to get done, please submit them to me before 19 June so I will still have time to finish them before my departure.

Thank you for your understanding 🙂

Close My Gigs from 13 May – 24 May

Hi, I’m writing here to announce that I will temporarily close my Fiverr gigs from 13 to 24 May 2012 and may not be able to reply any messages. It’s because I will go abroad to accompany my mom who will have a medical check up and examination for her foot injury at a particular hospital. So I won’t be able to get online during that time.

I will reopen my gigs back either on 25 May or 26 May, as soon after I got back. If you want to order some designs from me, please submit them all before 13 May and I will do my best to get them finished before I go on the mid-week.

Thank you for your understanding 🙂

When You Find My Gig Suspended

Hi, since there are some people on Fiverr sending me messages asking about this, I decided to inform about it here 🙂

When you see a particular gig of mine or all of my gigs suspended, that doesn’t mean that I close my gigs forever. It is simply mean that my gigs are temporarily unavailable to be ordered at the moment. Usually I close my gigs temporarily because one of these below reasons:

#1. I get a lot of orders that I need to finish first before I can accept new orders (so I have to close my gigs to prevent new orders coming in). This is the most often reason of why I close my gigs (it’s when you find my gigs “are suspended”). I usually close my gigs around weekend. But as long as I still can accept new orders, I don’t close my gigs.

#2. I go out of town or travel somewhere and can’t be online for a while.

#3. Possibly if I got sick. (Never happens so far, and I hope will never be :p)

You can view my Fiverr profile to find out when I will reopen all my gigs back.

For reason #1, usually I just put this info on my Fiverr profile: “Temporarily Close – Reopen …(date)…” without announcing anything on this blog. But if I close my gigs because of reason #2, I will write about it on this blog, like when I closed my gigs last year for Christmas and new year holiday.

Ok that’s all 🙂 Thank you for your understanding 🙂


Off for New Year Holiday

Hi, I write this just to announce that I will be off for new year holiday from Fiverr gigs. That’s why you see the “suspended” message on your screen when you open my gigs links 🙂

The message of suspension is not really mean that my gigs are suspended by Fiverr because I’m no longer active or because I have violated Fiverr’s terms and conditions. It’s just the default message that Fiverr shows when a particular gig is hidden/not available for order placement. And it’s the message you will see whenever I close my gigs for certain reasons 🙂

For example, I close my gigs only if one of these two reasons happens:
– The orders I get have overload my daily capability to finish them (so I need to close my gigs to prevent people placing new orders while I work on current orders)
– I go away for a holiday (maybe just twice a year) 🙂

I will reopen my gigs back on 5 Jan 2012.

You can always see the announcement of my gig closing and reopening on my Fiverr profile at If there is no announcement, it means my gigs are available to order 🙂

Happy holiday, and Happy New Year everyone!


Off Sept 2 – Sept 4

Hi, Thank you for your interest in my designs 🙂

However, I want to inform you that from Sept 2 until Sept 4, 2011 all my Fiverr gigs will be temporarily closed due to personal reasons. I will reopen my gigs back on Sept 4 or Sept 5 🙂

Please bear with me 🙂

Thank you,



Unsuspend My Gigs Temporarily

I use this blog section to inform my updates 🙂

The day before yesterday I had to suspend all my Fiverr gigs since there are a lot of orders and I need time to work on the current orders first before I can accept new orders. But now (13th August 2011) I have get all my gigs up again and ready to work on new orders 🙂

If you can’t find my update relating to suspending gigs on the Fiverr profile section, then you can find it here. But since not all people know my Fiverr, I will prioritize to write updates on my Fiverr profile 🙂