When You Find My Gig Suspended

Hi, since there are some people on Fiverr sending me messages asking about this, I decided to inform about it here 🙂

When you see a particular gig of mine or all of my gigs suspended, that doesn’t mean that I close my gigs forever. It is simply mean that my gigs are temporarily unavailable to be ordered at the moment. Usually I close my gigs temporarily because one of these below reasons:

#1. I get a lot of orders that I need to finish first before I can accept new orders (so I have to close my gigs to prevent new orders coming in). This is the most often reason of why I close my gigs (it’s when you find my gigs “are suspended”). I usually close my gigs around weekend. But as long as I still can accept new orders, I don’t close my gigs.

#2. I go out of town or travel somewhere and can’t be online for a while.

#3. Possibly if I got sick. (Never happens so far, and I hope will never be :p)

You can view my Fiverr profile to find out when I will reopen all my gigs back.

For reason #1, usually I just put this info on my Fiverr profile: “Temporarily Close – Reopen …(date)…” without announcing anything on this blog. But if I close my gigs because of reason #2, I will write about it on this blog, like when I closed my gigs last year for Christmas and new year holiday.

Ok that’s all 🙂 Thank you for your understanding 🙂


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